Cycling and Bike Trails in Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu City has some of the best cycling and biking trails of the world. If you love exploring trails on your bicycle, this city can be the most suitable place for you to head straight to. There are lots of open areas where you can cycle around in Lake Havasu City amidst fresh air and huge stretches of blue skies. Besides the hilly trails and the unending open roads, there are several other trails here, suitable for all kinds of cyclists. If you are adventurous at heart, there are the rough trails where you can try out your expertise while if you are keener for a relaxing cycle ride, you can set out on the well-paved paths of Lake Havasu.

Irrespective of the kind of cycling that suits you, the trails and the weather conditions in the city are just perfect for a bicycle ride. If you set out for a cycling experience in places like the Island Trail, you will not only have some good physical exercise, but also end up feeling invigorated, thanks to some of the most breathtaking natural scenes of the city.

If you are a biker at heart, there could be no better place than Lake Havasu City. There are areas here like the Sara Park that is suitable both for an amateur and a professional biker. In these places, you will get an opportunity to test your biking skill through all levels of difficulty. The best attribute about this place is that there is no need to bring your own bike; there are plenty of bike rental associations in all these biking trails taking care of your adrenaline rush.

In case you are a fairly experienced rider with paved, flat trails that have some climbs and descents, you may even hit the 8.5 mile trail that parallels Arizona Highway 95 through town, from north to south.

The best time of the year to bike your way through those pretty yet rough mountains of Lake Havasu is from October to April. However, you are likely to come across keen bikers here, throughout the year. The trails here not only have sparse traffic, but are also known for some incredible mountaintop views, thus making the place an apt destination to enjoy cycling while refreshing your tired souls.

The numerous trails in Lake Havasu City are suitable for people of all ages. You just have to choose the one most interesting for you. All round the year, several events are held on these biking and cycling trails in the city. You can easily be a part of these events and add excitement to your biking or cycling experience.

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3 Attractive Day Trip Destinations From Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu City in Arizona is one of the most desired destinations for people interested in indulging in several activities that give an adrenaline rush. However, if you want to give the usual water sports, hiking and biking a miss, you can plan some day trips to destinations that are nearby, either within the city limits or just a 2-3 hours’ drive away. Blessed with natural beauty abound, these drives are sure to treat you with a scenic feast for your eyes and the soul. Here are some day trip ideas worth exploring:

Hualapai Mountains: The Hualapai Mountain Park is about a 30 minutes’ drive away from Lake Havasu City. With elevations between 1920m and 2516m, the mountain remains evergreen round the year and plays host to some of the lovely flora and fauna like Aspen, Manzanita, Ponderosa Pine, mountain lions, raccoons, bears, squirrels, skunks, javelin, foxes, apart from a varied species of birds like owls, golden eagles and hawks. Day trips to Hualapai Mountains are quite fun-filled, thanks to the inclusion of various activities in the itinerary like hiking, wildlife viewing, picnics, and accessing some of the off-road trails. There are even restaurants where you can enjoy sumptuous food varieties while admiring the view of an elk in the outdoor.

Akahav Tribal Preserve: This place is just about 46 miles from the London Bridge. It boasts of a preserve that was created to restore the ecosystem and the native habitat of the Colorado River. The place is spread across more than 200 acres of land and has all types of native plantations such as Willow, Cottonwood, Mesquite trees, and much more. One of the key objectives of this project has been to deepen the backwater in order to aid the flow of the river. If you are a nature-lover, a bird-watcher or a photographer, this is the most ideal choice for a day trip from Lake Havasu City as this place hosts several species like the Great Blue Heron, Vermillion Flycatcher, beavers and many others.

Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge: This place, which is approximately 23 miles away from Lake Havasu City, is meant to be a delight for photographers and nature lovers. You may opt to hike, choose a paddle sport, or just enjoy the array of birds and the natural beauty that’s sure to be a feast to the eyes. Fishing is another activity that’s enjoyed by many visiting the Peninsula Hiking Trail, which is close to the refuge’s headquarters. However, you should note that this place has certain timelines to visit and plan your tour accordingly to avoid disappointments.

While you decide to explore all these options, just remember to take your fishing pole, kayak, hiking boots and whatever other stuff you have brought along, to make the most of your tour to Lake Havasu City.

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