Fun Things To Do In Austin, Texas, That Get You Out Of The City

Whenever you encounter a big metropolitan city, the area surrounding it is usually lumped in. This is certainly the case with Austin, Texas, which is why if you’re curious about the fun things to do in Austin, Texas, you may very well be engaging in activities outside of the Austin City limits (see what we did there… LOL).

If you live in or near Austin, you’re living in quite the golden age because there is almost a gluttonous amount of really fun stuff to do in this part of central Texas. What’s more, Austin has been growing as more people have heard about its coolness, which means that more people are starting to explore the smaller towns that are on the outskirts.

If you’re trying to squeeze every bit of fun out of Austin, Texas, it’s time you embraced the short drive lifestyle and got a load of these awesome excursions:

Lockhart is Barbecue Country – Franklin Barbecue has given Austin residents quite a big head when it comes to who’s king of the grill, but a short drive out to Lockhart will make the knees of all barbecue lovers buckle. If you’re up for a fun challenge, get some friends together and have a bite at Smitty’s, Kruez, and Black’s one right after another. You might be hurting on the drive home, but it’ll be the best hurt ever.

San Antonio & How Texas Became A State – Perhaps the greatest battle cry ever (“Remember the Alamo!”) was born out of tragedy at this mission in the heart of Texas. The Alamo is such a part of the city of San Antonio that you may miss it in the middle of the busy city’s hubbub. You’ve seen it many times on school trips, but it really comes to life as an adult.

It’s Getting Hot In Here – Did you know that Texas summers are hot? Well, did you also know that complaining about them doesn’t do any good? With summer comes swimming season in the Lone Star State. Try your hand at the fancy water parks like Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, or make a day of checking out some swimming holes.

Flex Your Artistic Muscle – Austin is an epicenter for artist and art in general, but there are a number of people who say it’s a little played out. Beat the “I-can’t-find-no-art” blues by traveling to Wimberley, TX. You’ll find art for art’s sake that isn’t pretentious or elitist.

Some Truly Great “Hootch” – Driving out to Dripping Springs, TX will leave you a little confused as they regard themselves as the “Gateway to the Hill Country”, a claim just about every small town around Austin makes. That said, Dripping Springs has been making some noise in the beer, wine, and spirit market, leading many experts to believe this town is on its way to a boom in the near future.

Finding fun things to do in Austin, Texas is actually pretty simple so long as you’re up for anything. You may find that leaving your little bubble will open your eyes a bit and let you see a side of Texas that was just under your nose.

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Las Vegas: A Real Place for Punters & Bachelors to Visit in Winter

Las Vegas. The first thing that comes in your mind is about gambling, fun, chilling out hook ups, etc. Thanks to the Hollywood movies and some of the popular television web series that revolves around the drug mafias of Vegas these days, portraying the picture of Vegas as a crime city where people running often after money, smuggled ‘coke’, hook-ups, etc. fantasies.

Well, some of these are exaggeration of course, which are shown for entertainment. But, one thing is a proven fact about Vegas. Those who really believe in becoming a ‘Richie rich’ in one night believing their fate, for them this is a place where every punters and bachelors love to visit in winter season.

There is myth that Las Vegas is the only place on earth where people turns either millionaire or a beggar in one night. It might seem unbelievable to know that Las Vegas is a place in USA where an economy is majorly dependent upon the tourists those who spend a major portion of their whole year’s revenue into gambling in some of the reputed casinos of this place. Those lucrative investments are the ‘turnkey’ factors for feeding the retail and the hospitality industry of this place.

Let’s take a better look into some of the reasons for which Vegas is a gambler’s paradise.

Exotic experience of Freemont Street

Freemont Street is one of those places of Vegas where there are a number of casinos. Most of them are located in the downtown area. Back in the 1989, most of the resort development in Las Vegas were outside the city. This affected the tourism industry a lot. That is why later most of the tourist engaging projects were started in downtown area for encouraging the tourists in this place.

Downtown casinos

Casinos are one of the major attractions of Vegas. Whether it poker, roulette or blackjack, a punter has ample of choices to fulfil every quench of thirst for gambling.

Unlike other casinos, in downtown most of the casinos are set up for attracting the tourists in every possible way it can.

In most of the casinos, there are huge passages for attracting the tourists. Once you put a step inside any one of those, there is a huge possibility of the world to go upside down when you see such huge jackpot machines installed in front of you.

Apart from them, if it is poker that attracts you, all you have to do is collect some of the convertible coins in exchange of the dollars and put them for trade.

Select any number inserted in the rolling machine in front of you and throw it by murmuring the name of your ‘lucky charm’, who knows it might be your lucky throw.

Las Vegas strip

Most of the casinos remain overcrowded in this place, with the tourists those who love to visit strip dances in the winter months. As the nights get more interesting with the gamblers bidding with a wish to make a fortune, the strippers set the entire casino on fire with some of their killer moves and hip movements.

During the festive seasons most of the casinos provide liquors for free till a certain amount. But if you need to fill your thirst a bit more you can purchase them easily.

Usually bachelors those who look out for sudden ‘hook ups’, ‘blind dates’, ‘relationship only for fun’, without any commitment, they take interests in the strip clubs.

Nothing can be much amazing than Vegas if you are either a punter or a bachelor and looking for living up the last days of a dying year.

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